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Time  3 hours 46 minutes

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Uploaded July 1, 2020

Recorded June 2020

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1,681 ft
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near Qimah, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Many of you probably heard or have been to popular Hatta Dam but how many fo you knew about this awesome trail next to the Dam? In June we took this short easy trail and got totally blown away by the scenery. Check my blog post for what to expect.
We hiked from 4pm, therefore, temperature was just perfect. You can extend this hike further but we stopped for photography and it got late to cobtinue-next time will aim for a longer trail. This time we only did 5km round trip but that was perfect for the hot summer weather.
The only tough part is a short hike up the rocky hill. From there you will be surprised with the cracked terrain in the valley. It lools like a maze with the dry deep river bed snaking around the valley.
For those who are looking for a reasonable summer hike-this is perfect option.

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Start- mineral water plant

Park your car next to this mineral water plant.

Wadi hike

For around 1 km continue hiking in the wadi

Keep right when trail splits into two.

You will reach a spot where road splita in two, keep going right up.

Small valley along the way


Spartan race track

This trail is part of previous spartan race track, therefore it is easy to navigate your way

Up the hill

This is the only tough part of this hike which is still easy to accomplish. Hike up 100 meters, watch for loose rocks, take care when climbing down on your way back, especially in the dark.

Valley after climbing up

This is amazing maze like view that opens up after that short climb uo the hill.

Valley trails

Follow spartan trails to find your way around this cracked earth.

In the dry river bed

Aometimes the path crosses those deep drops that lools like dry rived bed

More spartan signs

More spartan signs that help you navigate around easily


You can or this trail