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near Dividalen, Troms (Norge)

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In Øvre Dividal National Park, in the Bardu region (Troms) is today's route; It is circular, with little unevenness and little demanding.
The route begins in the Øvre Dividal car park, first through a boreal forest of red pine and birch. When ascending, the pine disappears and the birch predominates.
We arrived at the Dividals cabin (Dividalshytta).
We start the return going down from the cabin to the river through a beautiful forest of red pine. The way back passes stuck to the river (Divielva) and is somewhat more difficult because there are stones, mud, streams to cross.
There are several stretches of the route very wet or flooded that are covered with wooden planks that facilitate the passage.
Important remember to take anti-mosquitoes, because there are in the whole journey but especially in this stretch of the river.
Empezando la ruta
Bosque de pino rojo y abedul
Valles glaciares amplios entre montes sedimentarios
There are many fruits of the forest at this time. Here are a few arctic raspberries
Wooden slats that protect areas of the route and prevent that we have to put the boots in flooded areas
Otro fragmento de sendero con listones de madera
Valle amplio hacia el oeste
Forest of birches that there is a little before reaching Dividalshytta. It is on our right going down from the refuge
At 100-200 m after leaving the refuge, we enter this beautiful red pine forest.
Divielva River that will accompany us practically all the way back
Crossing of roads, we can choose to go to the Dividals refuge, refuge of Vuoma in the other valley by the long way or to wade the river to arrive at Vuoma shortening an hour
Puente que cruza el río que en esta ruta no nos hace falta cruzar
Otro refugio del recorrido
Caseta de pescadores o cazadores en este punto del trayecto
Bloque en curioso equilibrio


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