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near Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia (Canada)

The track starts along the prominade at the town of Harrision Hot Springs. It follows a lakeshore service road towards the west, crossing the Miami River outlet of Harrison Lake, and on to one of the sources of the hot springs. The accessible road ends at a gate, where a small trail goes west (uphill) into the forest. The forest trail is sometimes steep and rocky, skirting several large steep sided rock outcrops, and elsewhere is level and runs approx. 60m above lake level. There might not be any others on the forest segments, so although close to town, treat it as a bit of a wilderness hike. A large elk hoof print seen in mud on trail. The trail extends to the point where Harrison River meets Harrison Lake, and passes a beautiful secluded sandy beach.

Harrison Lake

Waterfront prominade along Esplanade Ave.

along sevice road to 'The Source'

Glimpses through forest, and sounds of the waterfalls on streams flowing down hillside from the west.
Building of interest

'The Source'

The most visible of several sources for the thermal waters of Harrison Hot Springs. The overflow pool provides a sample of the water just as it comes to surface.

Start of Forest Trail

Starts uphill from the gate at end of road. Some rocky steep segments near beginning.


From fairly level forest trail running approx 50-100 m above lake level.

Trail Conditions


Trail signage

Trail branches, Harrison River on west side and a sandy beach on the east side.

Harrison River

At terminus of the trail segment running to the west. Views of Harrison River.

Sandy Beach

A secluded sandy beach. Watch for trail continuation at the north end of the beach, where a rope assist is helpful to re-enter the forest.

North Terminus

At the end of a point where Harrison Lake and Harission River join.

Trail Conditions


In town


Harrison Lake Waterfront

Popular tourist locations with many food and drink options.


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