• Photo of Hafnarfjall - 9 tindar - 021010

Time  7 hours 58 minutes

Coordinates 2546

Uploaded October 8, 2010

Recorded October 2010

2,806 f
86 f
9.88 mi

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near Borgarnes, Vesturland (Ísland)

The Hiking Club Toppfarar hiked the "not very high" but well known mountain of Borgarnes, Hafnarfjall where we hiked all its peaks, total of 9 at our count. Four of them are nameless and we named them Þverhnúkur(3), Miðhnúkur(6), Suðurhnúkur(8) and Vesturhnúkur(9) but note that Vesturhnúkur has a name, Hafnarfjallsöxl but we wanted to name the highest peak anyway. This was a part of an oktoberfest in the club with two guests of honour from Egilsstaðir, Skúli and Óskar wildboys, where various groups in the club put up an act on every peak (costumes, plays, songs and such) which explains the long stops on the way, we really strolled that day so in an ordinary hike this would take approximally one hour faster for normal hikers. The weather was very good; rainy in the beginning but shortly after that sunny with marvellous view over the mountain ridge and the surroundings from the Skarðsheiði and claciers in the east and northeast to Snæfellsjökull in the west. This is an easy path with a bit steep part up Miðhnúkur but nothing difficult for normal hikers. Total ascendant of the hike is rather high which is probably the best kept secret of hiking the total circle of Hafnarfjall... but it´s worth it no doubt!
15-FEB-08 21:04:00
12-MAY-09 6:07:37AM
16-FEB-08 10:03:38
16-MAY-09 3:17:15
08-MAR-08 10:04:12
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22-MAY-09 15:16:44
04-JUL-09 12:22:34
23-MAR-08 12:11:04
08-AUG-09 17:41:38
31-MAR-08 14:06:06
05-APR-08 12:45:25
17-APR-08 21:56:30
17-APR-08 21:58:02
27-OCT-09 17:25:24
18-APR-08 10:54:39
18-APR-08 11:44:38
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30-MAR-10 18:12:52
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01-MAY-10 10:53:06
19-JUN-10 11:34:34
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28-JUN-10 14:19:05
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