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near Kvitingen, Hordaland (Norge)

Excellent hike starting at the new (2014) DNT cabin (Gullhorgabu; http://ut.no/hytte/3.2431/). The path leads north to the old DNT cabin (Høgabu), then turns southwest to Vaksdal trainstation. The last 5 km follow the road; so if the trip is done in reverse, a car can be parked at the parking lot at the end of the road.

We recommend this trip for people without car living in Bergen; take the buss to Eikedalen and walk north to Gullhorgabu in a day (about 20 km), then follow this track to Vaksdal where the train brings you back to Bergen in 30 minutes. With a car, Gullhorgabu can be reached in a half day's hike from Kvitingen in the west or Småbrekke in the northeast (ut.no/kart).

The name Gullhorgabu is derived from a local legend. In Viking times, the king of Samnanger once met the king of Voss in battle at the location of the cabin. The king of Samnanger lost and was forced to throw his precious golden table ('Gullhorga') into one of the lakes on either side of the cabin, so that the vikings from Voss would not conquer it. Ever since, people have been searching for the lost treasure. The cabin is designed by Paal Kaahrs and has a very exciting architecture.


  • w.schreurs98@hotmail.com May 11, 2018

    Hello, do you think this route can also be done with a MTB?

  • Photo of Gijs Henstra

    Gijs Henstra May 11, 2018

    Hi, it's been a few years but I definitely don't think this track is for cycling. The track isn't clearly marked and there are a lot of steep stretches that require scrambling over big boulders.

  • w.schreurs98@hotmail.com May 11, 2018

    Okay, thank you for the quick response!

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