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near Mogreina, Akershus fylke (Norge)

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Beautiful stage today, in which we leave Risebru to go to Eidsvoll. Risebru and its hostel are a classic starting point for many pilgrims who start the Gudbrandsdalsleden coming to the Gardemoen airport, since it is possible, without going through Oslo, in just 3 km, to connect from the airport to the hostel in Risebru, to start here the road. The first and entertaining stretch of noy takes us almost always by asphalt to Råholt, village of the municipality of Eidsvoll, leaving its church on the right. Soon after we arrived at the main attraction of the day, the Eidsvollsbygningen, in Eidsvoll Verk, a historic museum building in a beautiful environment where on May 17, 1814 the Norwegian Constitution was signed after the independence of the Kingdom of Denmark. It is a very touristy place and visited by the Norwegians, where it is worth spending a while, if you are not visiting the interior of the building, yes its beautiful surroundings. As a point, say that where tickets are purchased there is a cafeteria where besides being able to put a stamp on the credential, a coffee is invited to the pilgrims, a detail. We leave behind the historic place and we go around the idyllic area of ​​the Andelva river lake until we reach a dam that we must cross past the road. We will then take a hint that attention, arrived at the first farms, we should leave turning to the left and cross through fields of wheat and rye until we reach a forest that we first surround and to which we later enter. We will leave the forest next to a kind of reformatory or penitentiary for young people and then, through tracks and road we will reach the nucleus of Eidsvoll and its church, which is well worth a visit. Right there is Eidsvoll Gamle Prestegard, one of the possible accommodations at the end of the stage. We continue passing the bridge over the river Vorma, which will leave us in Sundet, which is actually the core of Eidsvoll, with its shops, town hall and so on. We crossed completely Sundet following the signs and we took a bike path to reach our accommodation and end of stage, the charming Haug Herberge. Quite an experience stay in that place, especially if we have the option to enjoy the white nights of the boreal summer spending the night in the greenhouse.

Risebru pilegrimsherberge


Eidsvoll Kommune

Train stop

Estación de tren de Eidsvoll

Building of interest















Camilla Collett

Sacred architecture

Eidsvoll Kirke


Puente sobre el Vorma




Haug Herberge


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