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Recorded March 2014

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3,942 f
3,416 f
2.64 mi

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near Tequila, Jalisco (Mexico)

A spectacular waterfall 170 meters high, in three stages. Park and walk only 20 minutes to the gorgeous pool at the foot of Fall 2. Trail is VERY steep, but this is hiking, not mountain climbing. Water is clean and neither hot nor cold. Go on a weekday and you may have the whole place to yourself.
Pool at foot of 3rd Fall
Overlooking La Toma Canyon... Mach Pichu style trail!
Left to Fall 1, Right to Bottom of Fall 3.
Left to Fall 1 pool and right to Fall 2 pool.
Bottom of Fall 1.
APPROXIMATE location of pool at bottom of Fall 2
Top of Fall 2
Top of 3rd fall.
Leave drivable road and begin hiking.


  • Photo of Ketsalkuauhtli

    Ketsalkuauhtli Feb 3, 2015

    look forward to do this one!

  • Myshkowec Mar 12, 2015

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Super Fun lil hike down to the waterfalls. Its worth going all the way to the 3rd bottom of fall 3.

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