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near El Refugio, Jalisco (Mexico)

Hiking trail down a steep canyon slope to a hot spring (and hot shower) on the bank of the Rio Verde. In Los Altos de Jalisco, not too far from Tepatitlan.
  • Photo of Canyon View
  • Photo of Canyon View
Near the edge of the canyon. Great view of Rio Verde far below.
Church: take right fork heading North
  • Photo of Hot Spring
  • Photo of Hot Spring
Approximate location of hot spring. Follow hot stream down to shore of Rio Verde to find "Natural Hot Shower."
  • Photo of Mangos
Mango trees
Park here and start hike to La Bolsa
Gas Station on Libre
Plaza: turn left (west) to La Bolsa


  • Photo of Normanfloyd

    Normanfloyd Mar 19, 2014

    John, what about this route, I wanna do it this weekend, how many kms are for a walk? any suggestions? THANKS

  • Photo of JohnPint

    JohnPint Mar 19, 2014

    Hi Norman,
    From the spot marked "PARK" it's only 2.7 kilometers of walking...but it's very steep!

    We parked in that spot because it was the rainy season and the road was full of water. Right now, you could drive much closer to the edge of the barranca before beginning your hike. Good luck and please send me some pictures: [email protected] Thanks!

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