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near Ahualulco de Mercado, Jalisco (Mexico)

Driving route from Ahualulco to parking area of the Piedras Bola, or Great Stone Balls. Hiking trail from parking area through the Great Balls to the Torrecilla area where you might see a ball resting atop a column of volcanic ash.
For full info on this geological wonder, see:
  • Photo of Bad Road
High clearance needed from here upward.
  • Photo of Bolas begin
  • Photo of Bolas begin
  • Photo of Bolas begin
Piedras bola start. There are about 75 in this area.
Sharp turn up
  • Photo of Bridge
Suspension bridge
  • Photo of Building & Parking
White building and Parking area. Note that only high clearance vehicles will be able to reach the parking area!
  • Photo of Lagoon
Lake Bola
  • Photo of Torrecillas
  • Photo of Torrecillas
Torrecillas: stone balls perched on top of a column of volcanic ash. Note: as these quickly fall to pieces, there may not necessarily be any to see if you go all the way there!
Turn off Etzatlan Highway
zipline lower end
  • Photo of Zipline Top
Zip line upper end. Zip line is not attended nor maintained. Be careful!

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  • Photo of Expatriado

    Expatriado Apr 10, 2015

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Nice hike with kids! We parked half of the way and walked following the road. The GPS track came in handy when looking for the "Torrecillas" as some parts of that specific trail are not well marked.

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