Time  5 hours 32 minutes

Coordinates 706

Uploaded September 6, 2014

Recorded August 2014

2,640 f
-9 f
9.51 mi

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near Norris Point, Newfoundland (Canada)

At 806m Gros Morne Mountain is the second highest on the island of Newfoundland. A 15km trail takes you to the summit then beyond to a beautiful viewing stage overlooking Ten Mile Pond. From there you traverse down the SE side of the mountain looping back to a point where you made your ascent. Hundreds of people do this hike annually with an average of 6 hours to complete the hike.

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Choose to climb the mountain from this point or continue along base of mountain to ascent the back side.
806m - second highest point on the rock.
The million dollar view of Rocky Harbour hills and Ten Mile Pond


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