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Recorded May 2016

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near Noordsebuurt, Zuid-Holland (Nederland)

Two loops starting from a car park at Noordse Kruis (name of bus stop as well) or Noordse buurt. Through polders and along the waters of Kromme Mijdrecht, Boschwetering and Nieuwkoopse Plassen.

Start along Uitweg to take a path on your left called Pietersenpad, see waypoint.
Lovely walk until you reach the do-it-yourself ferry to get across a ditch, then through a gate to turn right , on to the beautiful path along Westveensekade and Kromme Mijdrecht, passing a mill (which happened to be open).

At Woerdense Verlaat I missed part of the Natuurmonumenten track, which I later found out crosses the bridge at Knooppunt 20 to turn right there along the water and turn right again to get to the bridge via Nachtegaalspad.
(Instead I took the side road , Korte Meentweg, next to the N463.)
See the picture how the houses were built below the level of the water of Kadewetering, for people outside the Netherlands this is unbelievable.

Then for the second Natuurmonumenten track, walk along Milandweg until you see the sign of Bosweg where you turn right.
Soon you'll see the natural reserve of de Haeck appearing on your right while on your left there are vast views across polders and canals.
Taking the last bridge (Teupkensbrug) on your right (not the Nieuw Zeeland bridge which is the entrance to private, recreational properties) you enter Lusthof de Haeck, a romantic wood with small lanes and surprising views left and right.
You can take either the left or the right (shorter) track through this area, or make your own loop enjoying this wonderful area a bit longer. Then leave on the other side to turn right on Hollandse Kade where you'll soon come across an elevated viewing point "de Wije Blik".
Continue along Hollandse kade until it ends near the bridge you crossed earlier.
Turn left and continue along the side road of Uitweg to return to the car park.

A public transport option is to start from the bus stop at either Noordse Kruis or at the bus stop along Uitweg.



Do it yourself bridge / ferry


Crossroads Noordsebuurt walking route

Here you walk along the long distance Marskramerspad.

Knooppunt 20

Knooppunt of Groene Hart See how the homes on the right are in fact below the water level.

Entrance Nieuw Zeeland



Entrance to Lusthof de Haeck

De Haeck


De Wije Blik

Elevated viewing point
Bus stop

Bus stop Uitweg

Bus 101

Alternative path to mill, Westveense molen

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  • Sevrynn Jul 17, 2020

    Randonnée très facile à travers des paysages magnifiques. Passage vers un vieux moulin, le long des canaux... super sympa

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