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near 's Gravendam, Zuid-Holland (Nederland)

Circular walk around Noordwijk Binnen, the area behind the dunes, the other face of Noordwijk (aan zee), the seaside resort.
A walk combining urban and rural surroundings, taking you into the historic centre of Noordwijk Binnen with its Voorstraat, Lindenplein and its imposing Oude Jeroenskerk (Old Church of St Jeroen), as well as along a number of estates such as Dyckenburch, Calorama, Offem and Klein Leeuwenhorst, with its old dune woordlands.

Keep an eye out for Voorstraat 19: the oldest private house, from the 15th century. The late Gothic style is especially visible in the details of the stair gable, which has beautiful pinnacles.

Start from the small car park inside the Nieuw Leeuwenhorst estate, near the Leeuwenhorst conference centre. (Shortly after you've started on your way, you can catch glimpses of its tower.)

Especially along Bronsgeesterweg you pass many bulbfields, the primary occupation of Noordwijk Binnen being bulb cultivation.

Towards the end of the walk I missed a path that would take you straight to the opposite side of the road where you accessed the Nieuw Leeuwenhorst estate by car, near the coach house. Your GPS will probably show you the right path.

All in all, an interesting walk but be prepared to hear some traffic noise.
Birding spot

Viewpoint of lake in Nieuw Leeuwenhorst estate


Display showing a map of the Leeuwenhorst area

Sacred architecture

Oude Jeroenkerk (Old Church of St Jeroen)

This is the very centre of Noordwijk Binnen, with some interesting surrounding buildings. When you walk around the church, you'll get a better impression of this imposing church. There's also a practical display showing a network of paths and cycle paths next to the church. See picture.

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  • Hans&Grietje May 19, 2019

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    Een prachtige wandeling in een goede mix van landschappen. Wanneer je in de buurt van Leeuwenhorst begint kom je halverwege de wandeltocht in Noordwijk Binnen langs de Hof van Holland. Een mooie stop voor een lunch, of iets dergelijks!

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