2.53 mi

Elevation gain

371 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

371 ft

Max elevation

322 ft



Min elevation

0 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of Grímsey - Yellow Trail




January 13, 2021

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322 ft
0 ft
2.53 mi

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near Grímsey, Norðurland Eystra (Ísland)

The central part of the island
Distance: About 4,2 km (2,5 miles).
Time: Approximately 2 hrs.
Terrain: Gravel road, moors, tracks and paved road in the village

Start by the village, pass the restaurant and the shop turn left into the street Vallagata and just before the house with the big radio-antenna turn right. Here a path goes up to the heights to the east of the island. Almost reaching the top of the heights you see a radio mast on your right, take the first track towards the mast, but don't go all the way to it, insted follow the track going towards south on the mast west side.
The route passes the pond Hólatjörn along some grassy hills and down to the gravel road between the church Miðgarðar and the farm Sveinagarðar.
When on the gravel road turn right and follow it pass the church, the school and finally back to the starting point in the middle of the village.


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