4.01 mi

Elevation gain

636 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

636 ft

Max elevation

336 ft



Min elevation

0 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of Grímsey - Green Trail




January 13, 2021

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336 ft
0 ft
4.01 mi

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near Grímsey, Norðurland Eystra (Ísland)

The center of Grímsey and the south part.
Distance: About 6,4 km (3,8 miles).
Time: Approximately 3 hrs.
Terrain: Gravel road, tracks and paved road in the village

Start by the village, pass the restaurant and the shop turn left into the street Vallagata and just before the house with the big radio-antenna turn right. Here a path goes up to the heights to the east of the island. Well at the top of the heights you see a radio mast on your right, pass it and when you reach a crossing track turn right. This track runs all the way to the lighthouse on the southern end of the island. From the lighthouse walk straight across the island to its west side and continue along the coastline towards the village. On this south west side of the island there are quite beautiful basalt columns along the coastline. As you start to encounter a house (its name is Borgir) turn right on its south side and return back to gravel road leading back to the village and the starting point of this walk.


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