4.26 mi

Elevation gain

728 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

728 ft

Max elevation

217 ft



Min elevation

7 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of Grímsey - Blue Trail




January 13, 2021
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217 ft
7 ft
4.26 mi

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near Grímsey, Norðurland Eystra (Ísland)

The Arctic Circle Walk
Covering the north part of Grímsey
Distance: About 6,86 km (4,26 miles).
Time: Approximately 3 hrs.
Terrain: Gravel road, tracks and paved road in the village

Start by the village center and go towards the airport, pass the airport service buildings and the guesthouse Básar. On the Básar guesthouse north side you find the old Arctic Circle marker "the viewfinders and the bridge". Continue along a sheep track along the airport fence to the north until arriving to the gravel road, turn right and continue along the road until you reach Básavík. Enjoy the view of this majestic bay where thousands of seabirds habit the cliffs, make sure though not to go too near the edge as the nest burrowing of the puffins has made the ground loose.
Return back to the dirt road and up the hill and follow it along the coastline to the north part of the island called Fótur (Eyjafótur). Here you find the new Arctic Circle marker "ORBIS et GLOBUS" (Hringur og kúla).
Return the same way, but by the airport fence, don't return on to the sheep track. Instead continue along the road along the coastline and enjoy the view. This road will lead you back to the village and to the same place the walk started.


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