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near Elk Lake, Oregon (United States)

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Green Lakes trail
To access the waterfall in the south sister it is best to take off the shoes and wade through the river because the passage through the woods and stones put to that end is not easy. In summer better start early in the morning and put anti-mosquito lotion
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En fall creek
Pino cortado sin algun anillo de corteza
Cruzar sobre tronco
Mirador monte reflejado en lago
Green lake
Descalzar para cruzar rio

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  • joseluisdiazgarcia1967 Nov 27, 2018

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    Ruta imprescindible en el entorno de sisters. Para llegar a la casacada hay que mojarse un poco al cruzar el riachuelo asi que es mejor descalzarse (vale la pena)

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