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near Froúrion, Ionian Islands (Greece)

Walked: the 5th of August 2014
This is the walk in Assos. First zigzag the well maintained lane towards the top. Extend your walk if you reach - for the moment useless - the modern building on the top. Just follow the dirt track behind through the olive tree orchard. This part is very easy to walk. You will pass an old well, a church and even a very degraded car wreck. Finally, you will arrive at the wall where you have a breath taking view of the North side.
Go back on the same trail. At the modern building, you can choose to take the dirt path just after the gate. If the descent is too difficult for you, choose the same road you took to walk up the hill.
You can choose to do this walk in reverse order.
There is a more spectacular view at waypoint 05
This building has no purpose and is closed
Small church
Ancient wall


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