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near Amýntaio, West Macedonia (Greece)

This is the route along the E4 European Long Distance Path that I walked in September 2018. As far as possible I followed the "official" E4 route based on files that can be downloaded from for example, however there are gaps in these routes which I tried to bridge with my own best efforts at finding the way.
From the town of Amindeo (or Aminteo depending on how you transliterate it) the route crosses orchards of peach and apple trees near Lake Vegoritis. Then it climbs into the Vermio mountain range among flocks of sheep and cows, passing a ski resort and some small settlements. The route passes through a mixture of grassland and forest with some steep climbs. In places the path is unclear. Towards the end there is a windfarm and the important Monastery of the Panagai Soumela by the village of Kastania. This track ends at the village of Mikri Santa.
The E4 officially continues to the Sfiakia dam, but the route down to the dam is hazardous and a security guard is likely to stop you at the dam, so I cannot recommend it.
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E4 Sign showing alternate routes

I assume this sign was indicating a "shortcut" across a grassy basin. As I could not see any path for the shortcut I stuck to the vehicle track indicated by the route I had downloaded. This followed the edge of the basin through some trees.
Sacred architecture

Agía Paraskeye Polýmyloy

A small chapel beside the track with places to sit down at. Every surface inside the church seemed to be painted. It was evidently well cared for.

Chair lift at Seli

Ski resort, which was pretty empty when I passed in September

Location of the start of the path was difficult to find

Sacred architecture

Panagía Soumela Monastery

An important monastery built to replace one in Turkey that had to be evacuated in 1923. It is an important place for Pontic Greeks who had to return to Greece from Turkey and similar places. Contains an important Icon of the Virgin Mary. There are restaurants around the car park with good food.

Section where I may not have been off the path

Although on the GPS route I downloaded there was no clear path through the trees at this point
Archaeological site

Macedonian tomb

An ancient Macedonian tomb. The photo shows pretty much all there is to see! I could find no further details at the site.

Picnic site with tables and look out tower

A little used picnic site with a look out tower and picnic tables. There are excellent views all around.


An extensive windfarm that can be seen from many miles away


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