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Recorded January 2014

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7.97 mi

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near Beaver Creek, Wyoming (United States)

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The Grand Teton National Park, located in northwestern Wyoming, preserves a spectacular landscape of majestic mountains, pristine lakes and extraordinary wildlife. The steep vertical rise of the irregular silhouette of the Teton mountain range contrasts with the horizontality of the sage-covered valley and the glacial lakes at its base, creating a world-famous landscape that attracts almost four million visitors per year.

Our experience after climbing the Holly Lake 2882 m was magnificent. The care of the environment, the huge coniferous forests, the meadows, waterfalls, the great lakes, wildlife and meeting with bear included, makes this day unforgettable.

Kilometers traveled according to GPS: 26: On the move: 5 hours, 45. Arrested: 1,15.
Moving average: 2.4 km / h. Total average: 2.1. Uneven elevation and descent: 914/860 m

Holly Lake

18-JUL-12 20:52:14

String Lake


  • Juanjo Server Dec 10, 2016

    ¿Sabéis si se puede hacer noche? ¿Hay que pedir permisos?

  • Photo of Familia Barquero

    Familia Barquero Jan 22, 2017

    Perdona que no te respondiera, un problema con mi cuenta de correo retuvo cantidad de mensajes.
    Sobre lo que preguntas, por supuesto que se puede pernoctar. Hay varios campings en el territorio de este Parque Nacional, cuenta además con servicios varios a los que no estamos acostumbrados, al menos aquí. Si es conveniente reservar con antelación plaza bien para tienda, o autocaravana, ya que es uno de los Parques más visitados de USA.

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