• Photo of Grand Etang to Concord Via Mt Qua Qua
  • Photo of Grand Etang to Concord Via Mt Qua Qua
  • Photo of Grand Etang to Concord Via Mt Qua Qua
  • Photo of Grand Etang to Concord Via Mt Qua Qua
  • Photo of Grand Etang to Concord Via Mt Qua Qua

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Uploaded January 17, 2011

Recorded January 2011

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near Saint Margaret, Saint Andrew (Grenada)

One of the best and more challenging trails on Grenada. This trail starts at the Grand Etang Visitors Centre and climbs the ridge to the west side of the crater lake. Impressive views and impressive drops - its very steep both sides. The path is steep in places and can be very slippery. Mt Qua Qua is about an hours climb and a 5 min diversion off the main trail to the right. Well worth the detour for the views. Climb up the large rock at your peril. After this its a 3 hour slippery descent to Concord. A guide strongly recommended - enquire at visitors centre or set up before you go. You may find out why its called rain forest. Long sleeves and pants recommended. The end of the trail just before descending to Concorde is also challenging as you have to descend a steep rock face. If you suffer from vertigo dont do this trail! But exhilarating and rewarding. Stop for a swim at the lower Concorde falls, there are at least two waterfalls above but dont swim as these are part of the Grenada water system. For extreme fun do it the other way round. Part way up is a trail up to Fedons Camp - another rewarding hike. My thanks to the Kalderon family for doing the legwork and taking the photos!

Transport: You can either get a taxi to drop you at Grand Etang and meet you at Concord after the hike or use a bus at both ends - take a Grenville bus from St George's and get off at Grand Etang, after the hike you will need to walk down to the main road from the waterfall to catch a bus back to town. You might want to take a change of clothes for the bus back. Buses will only cost a few dollars.


  • rick.cox May 29, 2015

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    Nice trail, though would not recommend if it has rained recently.

  • Janice Joy Sep 24, 2016

    Hi, thanks for the trail, did it yesterday and we took a good 3 1/2 hrs going down to the falls from mt Qua Qua. Beautiful views from the top. Wouldn't have done it if I'd read your comments properly! It's extremely slippery and as you say, not good for vertigo sufferers. Also numerous parts of the sometimes tiny path are missing...& you need to be really careful. The falls make it worthwhile!
    We kept on the trail thanks to you with our gps and some help from yellow marker ribbons, otherwise we'd still be there! Got back to st George easily by walking down to the road.

  • v.salquebre Jan 20, 2019

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    Superbe rando ! Chemin assez facile à suivre (scotch jaune sur les branches), mais en pleine jungle : racines, lit de rivière, pierres, partie de chemin étroit à flan de côteau... De quoi profiter de la nature et se sentir un aventurier !!

  • Christopher Graefe Jan 27, 2019

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    We did the hike just up to Qua Qua from the Visitors Center. DEFINITELY a slippery and muddy excursion despite being a very well maintained trail, and lots of steep elevation gains and descends on "formed" stairs in the clay. The views at the top are breathtaking. Temps were definitely 5-6 degrees cooler up there than at elevation. We did not do the descent down to Concord so I won't speak to the difficulty or time it takes to do that, other than the woman at the Visitors Center at the park looked at the map on WikiLoc of this trail and said, "Uh, you probably don't want to do that.... ;)"

  • Photo of François Maret

    François Maret Jan 17, 2020

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    Magnifique balade. La descente est vraiment longue. La forêt est très belle.

  • Radu Apostol Feb 29, 2020

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    My wife and I, along with our 7 and 9 year old kids did the trail from the visiting center to top of Mt Qua-Qua and back. I have to say that we were completely unprepared. You need hiking boots, not slippers/water/tennis shoes! as well as long sleeves shirts and pants. Would not recommend doing the trail with small kids, or beginners like us. Overall a good experience but would not do it again.

  • Photo of Peter Neubert

    Peter Neubert Mar 1, 2020

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    Yes, very difficult, especially when it rains the whole time or before.
    Despite the rain we followed the track and were soaked. Nevertheless it was real fun, if you are an adventurous type of hiker or climber.
    We had to cross the river several times, as it had rained before and during our 3-hour-hike.
    If you feel fit, do it. It is worth it.
    Try to take dry clothes in a sealed bag with you, since we almost got refused by the local bus conductor because of our wet clothes.

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