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near Grand Canyon, Arizona (United States)

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We leave the car in the authorized parking lot of the Grand Canyon visitor center and take the orange route of the park's free public bus (shuttle), which takes us to the South Kaibab Trailhead stop, the starting point of the route.

South Kaibab Trail is one of the two most famous and hard routes that can be done in the Grand Canyon. We got up early to try to make the descent on South Kaibab Trail, the Colorado River canyon and the climb up Bright Angel Trail in one day, but it was an impossible idea to do in one day, due to the strong temperatures in the area down from Gran Canyon, about 45-50 degrees, and for lack of lodging in the lower part of the canyon.

Staffs in hand and, after reaching the starting point of the route, we began to descend strongly towards Colorado River, witnessing the beautiful views offered by Grand Canyon, a huge canyon, caused by the erosion of water for millions of years and leaving many people of colors on the rocks, depending on the height and level of erosion.

In just a couple of kilometers we reach the first balcony towards Grand Canyon, Ooh Aah Point, an incredible viewpoint that allows us to take good pictures, a sight to behold.

We continue in a sharp descent towards our goal and we arrive at Cedar Ridge, where we continue to enjoy the beautiful views of the Grand Canyon. The heat, despite being very early, is already starting to tighten. After 400 meters of continuous descent, the heat is already considerable, so everything starts to get complicated ...

After 5 kilometers and more than 600 meters of accumulated altitude, and after arriving at Skeleton Point (beautiful viewpoint), in one of the few shadows we found, we stopped for an employee of the park, put to try to advise people who came down from the danger of the strong temperatures below and the risks of going up and down in a day. After several minutes of decision, and with all our grief, we turn around. It was an idea that we could not carry out since we did not have accommodation in the lower part of the canyon.

We return along the same path, now in a steep climb. The time it has taken us to get down is half the time it will take us to go up, approximately. With several stops and already with strong heat, we managed to go up, little by little, with the penalty of not being able to make the complete route, advisable route at another time of the year, not in summer.

Even so, after going down and up several hours, it is a path that is worth traveling, at least to Cedar Bridge. Hard route, but with spectacular views. It is worth to descend several meters and witness all the changes that Grand Canyon suffers as it varies in height.

Spectacular and beautiful route. Gran Canyon is one of the largest canyons in the world and, without a doubt, it is an essential place worth visiting!

Grand Canyon - South Kaibab Trail


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Ooh Aah Point

Ooh Aah Point

Cedar Ridge

Cedar Ridge


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