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near Grand Canyon, Arizona (United States)

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Downhill on the Colorado River, on its southern side, we leave the car at the Grand Canyon Village and take the bus that will leave us at the beginning of the trail, the South Kaibab Trailhead, we will begin the descent around 6:00 a.m. , as soon as the day begins, the path begins with a series of zigzags that descend decisively towards the river that we still do not see and will take it to do so, while we go down we go through resting points, equipped with WC and some with telephone of relief, with names like: Ooh Aah Point (imagine the view), Cedar Ridge, Skeleton Point. The road is in quite good conditions to go down and down, but taking into account that the mules that go through the ranch to the bottom of the canyon and also those that take the tourists go down and take into account. As we lower the sun it rises and causes the colors of the walls of the cannon to change, a whole show added to the vertigo views on its bottom. The road has about 10.3 km of course and 1481 meters of negative altitude. We cross the river crossing the Black Bridge, a 134 meter suspended bridge, built in 1928, we approach the stream, we remind ourselves and cool it with its cold waters, advised not to bathe or drink, so we do, a Just above, there is a fountain with potable water. We continue along the river bank to go to the Phantom Ranch, built around the 20s to take charge of the National Parks Service, nowadays it works as a refuge, so we take advantage of drinking a fresh drink and eat a little, we are Arriving at noon and the heat is suffocating. We went back to the Colorado River, to cross it again, now for the Silver Bridge, erected in 1928, we began the ascent, by the so-called Bright Angel Trail, this one has a length of 15.5 qms and 1360 meters slope, this positive blow. First flank by the walls that fit the river and then start climbing through a small and narrow-looking ravine, here is a phone point of relief and wc, we keep going up and arriving at Indian Garden, here is a couple of d 'Drinking and cold water, we rest and eat a little in the shade of trees because it is like an oasis in the middle of the walls, there is also a telephone, wc and a place to camp, We keep climbing, the views are spectacular again, now We are already beginning to find more people, some have gone down here and go back, others have spent the night at the Phantom Ranch campground and some are making the descent and climbing in a day like us. About a mile further on, we pass through Three Mile Resthouse, where there is fresh water again, the Mile and Half Resthouse, with more water and finally after overcoming a pair of ziga-zagues that allow us to climb the last walls, We arrived at the top, at Brigh Angel Trailhead. We have decided to take the path in this direction because the climb should be done at noon, with the highest heat and this rise has three points of water where we take. In total we have left a little more than 30 qms with insurmountable views of the different levels in which the Grand Canyon is divided. We will now take one of the buses again from the Park that will take us to the parking lot where this morning we left the car to go to the hotel. A very complete tour to discover the Grand Canyon with the short time we have to dedicate.

Phantom Ranch

Grand Canyon National Park

South Kaibab Trailhead



  • Photo of ZAGALIN

    ZAGALIN Jul 14, 2017

    Que guay, nosaltres estem buscan rutas per fer un vitae y aixo mola. Gracias per compartir!
    Hi han moltes rutes com apuesta al gran cañon?

  • Photo of 12març

    12març Jul 23, 2017

    com aquesta no, pero tenen unes guies a les oficines del Parc, on hi trovaras multitud de possibilitats.

  • Photo of Ferrran7

    Ferrran7 Aug 22, 2018

    Nosaltres acavem de venir de fer ruta pels EUA i vam fer aquesta ruta el 5 d'agost. A mi m'ha sortit un poc més de desnivell tant positiu , 1.500m, com negatiu, 1625m. La vam fer amb un Garmin Oregon 650T. Afegiria a tot el que has posat el fet d'indicar que és molt dura per fer-la en un sol dia, especialment a l'estiu, i per això l'he catalogada de "molt difícil". Ens va sorprendre també la calor, fins a 48ºC a l'Indians Garden. Per nosaltres, que fem esport sovint i també muntanya, no la recomanaríem fer el mateix dia, ja que no gaudeixes tant de la pujada. Suposo que com que la vas fer a l'octubre la temperatura deu canviar... Salut i cames!

  • Photo of 12març

    12març Aug 22, 2018

    Si, tens raó, feia menys calor, pero menys mal que varem fer un bon descans a la pujada i que haviem menjat al Phantom Ranch, si no, la cosa hagues estat molt complicada.
    Enhorabona per l,excursió.

  • Photo of Ferrran7

    Ferrran7 Aug 23, 2018

    Gràcies!! La veritat és que tant l'excursió en si com les vistes van superar àmpliament les nostres espectatives! Salut i cames!

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