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Recorded April 2018

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near Buenafuente del Sistal, Castilla-La Mancha (España)

After the mass at 8:15 we had breakfast with monastery host Alejandro and 2 other guests. We cleaned the room, paid (voluntary contribution) and said goodbye.
The stage was short but quite intensive. Covering 6 km (as the crow flies) by walking 16 with steep descent to the Tajo (puente Taguënza) where we had lunch and getting steep up again to Huertahernando. The detour is worth your work. Beautiful spot at the bridge, nice walk through the woods. The last bit (from bridge upwards) the marks (red white even though it’s not the GR10 or GR113 anymore) are not always clear and haven’t been painted for a while. So follow the stone men.

Because of replenishing possibilities we chose the north route (leaving the main GR10 again). This means not crossing the bridge but getting back up at the same side of the Tajo, following the alternative.

In Huertahernando we were treated with the unexpected bar (slash town hall) and a fantastic camping spot, shown to us by the bar keeper. Just beneath the church with magnificent views.
We are walking the GR10 across Spain from Puçol (near Valencia) all the way to the Spanish/Portuguese border. We started March 21th 2018 and hope to finish at the end of June.


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