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near Molveno, Trentino - Alto Adige (Italia)

This is one of the most gorgeous paths I've ever been on. This is an easy path, except for the few places, where the path is narrow and can scare those with vertigo. Have a look at one of my pictures to see the narrowest part of the path. (The really narrow parts are really short, maybe a meter long each)

To get to the start (and end) of the path take the gondola from Molveno. It's 12€ round trip, new and fast. There's parking (10€ for a full day) behind the bottom lift station.

It's easy to see path 340 to Croz Dell'Altissimo behind the top lift station. The route is easy, no way to get lost. The first part of the path is a gentle and wide path meandering through the woods. Lovely and you wouldn't believe that you're up in the mountains.

The second part winds next to the rocks with every scene more pretty than the last one. Remember to take the camera. The narrowest parts have a metal railing just like the difficult via ferrata do. Great place for pictures.

The refugio is nice and even though it was crowded when we got there it seemed like there were lots of little groups. Suddenly the terrace was half empty. The menu (see picture) seemed appetizing, but we selected to turn back and eat in Molveno.
Cross dell'altissimo


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