7.76 mi

Elevation gain

2,215 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

2,215 ft

Max elevation

2,584 ft


73 4.8

Min elevation

1,768 ft

Trail type



6 hours 7 minutes




August 16, 2015


July 2015
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2,584 ft
1,768 ft
7.76 mi

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near Stara Fužina, Bohinj (Slovenija)

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To begin this route we have left the car in a paid parking lot near Stara Fuzina.
From the car park we follow the route that will take us to the valley of the Voje and the cascade of Mostnica. We have started to calm down the paved road that will bring us closer to the valley of the Voje, leaving the gorges of the Mostnica for the return. The road is very busy and passes through lush and solitary forests. Soon we will find a turnoff to the left that would lead us to the ascent of the Triglav but we will have to take the path on the right and continue on a gentle ascent until the refuge of Planinska Koca Na Vojah, On the right we have a path that rises from the gorges and that we have decided to take the descent. We have continued through the valley without stopping, we walk among prairies, splashing of wooden huts with very good views.
We find another turnoff and again we have to follow the path on the left and reach a second hostel. From here, a steep, well-indicated path takes us in less than 10 minutes at the foot of the magnificent waterfall.
The way back we do it following the same route until arriving at the Planinska Koca Na Vojah restaurant where we decide to stop to make a bite, the views are very good and the mushroom soup and excellent beans. From the restaurant's terrace we approach the river where the first creepers begin. (Way Point)
From here we start the descent path, we follow the same track where we had come in the morning hundreds of meters and, this time, we take the path on our left which will take us through a magnificent beech grove to the gorges of Mostnica .
We are traveling by a path now to one side now to the other side of the river, the gorges are precious and wild, the vegetation of the lush riverbank until little by little the river is built to reach the parking area since 'where we can see the mountains and the lake of Bohinj, where we stop back to take a walk.
In summary an easy exit, not very demanding and very varied as it passes through forests, meadows and the magnificent gorges and waterfall of Mostnica, highly recommended.

01 Parcament

Parkirisce Stara Fuzina, Slo, 4265, Slovenija
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02 Restaurant Planinska Koca Na Vojah

Planinska Koca Na Vojah Stara Fuzina 233 Stara Fuzina, Slo, 4265, Slovenia 386 4 5723213

03 Pont i engorjats


04 dreta

Stara Fuzina 234 Stara Fuzina, Slo, Slovenija

05 Pont Riu blanc


06 Restaurant Slab


07 Cascada Slab Mostnica


08 Pont gorja


09 Gorges de Mostnica


  • Photo of Mario Viña

    Mario Viña Sep 6, 2016

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Muy corta, pero desde muy poco antes de la cascada se puede seguir por otros caminos y te adentras en lugares totalmente espectaculares. La aquí señalada no lleva más de 2 horas ida y vuelta

  • Photo of coros

    coros Sep 8, 2016

    Efectivamente es una ruta bonita y poco exigente.
    Nuestro track incluye paradas para comer, descansar y disfrutar del entorno, pero creo que andando estuvimos algo más de 3 horas.
    Gracias por comentar

  • Photo of rosccat

    rosccat Aug 7, 2018

    Preciosa ruta. La hicimos la semana pasada y nos encantó. La cascada llevaba mucha menos agua pero aún así el camino es muy bonito.

  • Sara Re Aug 21, 2018

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Ahir vam fer aquesta ruta tan maca! Gràcies a fer-la en aquest sentit, és a dir, deixant les gorges per al final, no vam haver de pagar la taxa de 3 euros per agafar el camí de les gorges. Vam parar a menjar al mateix lloc que s'indica a la ruta i ens va agradar molt! Gràcies!

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