• Photo of GORAKSHEP (5140M) - CAMPO BASE EVEREST (5300M)
  • Photo of GORAKSHEP (5140M) - CAMPO BASE EVEREST (5300M)
  • Photo of GORAKSHEP (5140M) - CAMPO BASE EVEREST (5300M)
  • Photo of GORAKSHEP (5140M) - CAMPO BASE EVEREST (5300M)
  • Photo of GORAKSHEP (5140M) - CAMPO BASE EVEREST (5300M)
  • Photo of GORAKSHEP (5140M) - CAMPO BASE EVEREST (5300M)

Time  3 hours 59 minutes

Coordinates 868

Uploaded February 2, 2018

Recorded November 2017

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17,317 f
16,857 f
4.07 mi

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near Goraksep, Eastern Region (Nepal)

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Kilometers: 6.6 KM

Total Time: 04:00 hours. Moving time
02:11 hours

Maximum Height: 5364 meters, height
Minimum: 5140 meters.

Cumulative elevation gain: 260

Cumulative gradient of descent: 276

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Once we have reached Gorakshep there are several options when facing the climb to Base Camp and Kala Pattar.

The option that we have made is the following: we have arrived about 13 hours, we have eaten and when we finished eating, we made the ascent to the Base Camp. It is a progressive and quite bearable climb, although I already tell you that all the kicks at this altitude cost yours.

We start by a huge esplanade where we are told that it is usually a small lake in the direction of the Kombu glacier.

In an hour and a half walking along the left side of the glacier we reach a small balcony just in front of the Kombhu waterfall.

Once at this point, we take a downhill path that places us on a small platform in the middle of the Glacier.

Certainly the ascent to the base camp is not carried out as such. Simply go up to this platform where some prayer flags and a sheet with the height of the place have been placed.

The true base camp is established on the other side of the glacier, much closer to the Kombhu waterfall, where the ascent to camp one begins. To comment that in this month of November there are no expeditions to Everest and therefore there is no base camp.

The feeling that we have had is that this is set up to make the paripé with the tourists, one thinks that we are going to go up to the camp where the great mountaineers are getting ready and it certainly has nothing to do with it.

For this reason, if we are going to have a fair amount of energy and we have to leave one of these two climbs, I would discard the base camp to do the kala Pattar.

The afternoon is nice, we have been lucky since here the temperature drops considerably and today it is very comfortable enjoying the breathtaking views and taking hundreds of photos. Before us the impressive Everest is shown as close as I imagine it will be in all my life. To this we must add the walls of the Nuptse with hanging glaciers in short, an almost magical environment that absorbs you and leaves you absorbed.

The descent runs along the same road until you reach Gorakshep.

Remember that after 6 km of climbing the base camp you have to climb 11 this morning which makes today's stage physically demanding, we have almost one thousand two hundred meters of accumulated altitude, at five thousand meters.

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Everest Base Camp (5363m)




Gorak shep(5170m)

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    capitan trueno Feb 6, 2018

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    Agafem aquesta opció i molt gratificant arribar a aquest lloc alhora decepcionant perquè esperàvem veure als grans alpinistes per allà preparant la pujada al Everest,cosa que no va ser possible de vore. També és veritat que aquesta pujada al camp base acabà per d'esfondrar al meu maltractat cos que hem deixà postrat al llit amb un fort dolor de cap i un malestar d'estómac important.

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