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near Brockagh, Leinster (Ireland)

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As the step from Glendalough to Glenmalure is the shortest of our Wicklow Trail planning (15kms) we opted to take an Off-trail course. If the intention is to return to the hostel, it is advisable to leave the backpack to avoid weight and carry only water.
We left Glendalough International Hostel and turned left, shortly after we descended a small wall and entered the parallel bridge to the Lower Laker that took us to the parking lot, next to the Upper Lake, shortly after we were next to the great lake. The landscape is majestic - Glendalough, the "Valley of the Lakes" in the heart of the Wicklow mountains, is one of Ireland's most beautiful enclaves.
Our route continued along the forest road on the right side of the lake and then through the old mining trail that leads us to the deserted village - Miners Village. The remains of what was once a mining exploration are still visible ... We continue along the Glencalo River, up the hill and up the slope towards Mount Lugduff. On the wooden bridge we cross the river and we advance along the wooden path circling the lakes by the hilltop, where you have fantastic views of the lakes and the entire Glendalough valley. At last we began to descend until we found the forest road and the intersection with the Wicklow Way near the bridge. Here you can choose to resume crossing the Wicklow Way or continue down the road to Poulanass Waterfall and Lower Lake returning to Glendalough International Hostel.
If it has not already been done it is advisable to visit the monastic city at the beginning of Glendalough - Glenmalure.

Glendalough is one of the most important monastic places in all of Ireland. It was founded in the sixth century by St. Kevin and destroyed by the English troops in 1398. Kevin came from a very important family of Ireland and grew up in Gelndalough being instructed by 3 religious. Some time later it returns to Glendalough and founded the monastery. Today in ruins the monastery features an ancient tower over 30 meters high and at the time served as protection from attacks of Vikings, in addition to the church of St Mary and the church of St Kevin which are buildings in the Romanesque style and dated of the century XII and a large medieval cemetery where, to this day, some families still bury their families.

Date of realization: June 9, 2016
Home: Glendalough International Hostel
End: Glendalough International Hostel
Route: Glendalough International Hostel - Upper Lake Car Park - Glendalough Upper Lake - Glendalough Mines - Glencalo Bridge - Lugduff Mountain - Intersection Wicklow Way - Poulanass Waterfall - Lower Lake - Glendalough International Hostel
Length: 12 km
Effective March: 3:30 hours

BACK TO TRACK - 3rd DAY: Glendalough - Glenmalure


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    fernandapacheco Jun 23, 2016

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    Magnifica caminhada em torno de Glendalough, magestosas paisagens do Vale dos Lagos com vistas fantásticas dos lagos e de todo o vale de Glendalough.

  • PicosAlpinos Jun 28, 2016

    Obrigado pela partilha!

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    Brumi_cz Aug 19, 2016

    A great trail! I enjoyed the views very much. :-)

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    Brumi_cz Sep 14, 2016

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    A great trail! I enjoyed the views very much. :-)

  • rvs_ie Mar 20, 2018

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    Good for half a day trip from Dublin. Large parking, easy to follow, great views.

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    Gracias por comentario y valoración.

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