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near Fonn, Sogn og Fjordane (Norge)

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Simple and beautiful excursion to the Austerdalsbreen glacier. It is very spectacular. The glacier is formed by three glacial languages ​​(Thor, Odin and Loki). When you reach the end, you only see two from the road, and we went a little bit over the ice to see if we could get a better view, but I do not know if it's worth it. On the route I have signaled as 'End of the Way' what you can walk without any difficulty, then, you see on the track, we got a little on the glacier, stepping on ice that was covered with earth and stones, but Of course, if you do this, you have to be careful. I catalog the route as Easy, but warning about the risk of walking on the glacier at the end, that if you have doubts, it is not done and the excursion does not detract at all.

To get to the start of the route in Tungestolen, you have to go with the car on a track that is very well equipped, and also has a very interesting toll, because there is nobody, and you have to put the money in an envelope and leave it in a mailbox. An example of the respect and trust of these people. Come on, how to put this system in Spain ...

As I say, it is a lovely excursion highly recommended.

Fin del camino

Hasta aquí el camino no tiene dificultad reseñable.


Aquí se deja el coche en un aparcamiento y comienza la ruta


  • pierre.brezot Jul 17, 2019

    La hicimos hoy, y 4 años después toda la información sigue siendo buena ! Gracias.
    El peaje sigue con sobre (vale 50 Nok).
    Solo el glaciar a cambiado, ha fundido y hay que ir más abajo para tocarlo (no lo hicimos).
    No es recomendable pisar lo sin equipamiento ni conocimientos.

  • Photo of Alfwik

    Alfwik Jul 18, 2019

    Gracias por tu comentario Pierre. Me alegro de que te haya gustado la ruta y de que te haya servido este track.

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