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near Saint Huberts, New York (United States)

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Ascent to Giant Mountain in the Adirondacks on October 10, 2017.
Starting from Interstate 87, which runs through the state of New York from south to north, we will take exit 30, Keene valley, and along Highway 73 we will travel about twelve kilometers until we find two parking lots on both sides of the road. The route is circular, and starting from this point is much more comfortable the climb, we must expect that on the way back we will have to go back two and a half kilometers down the road, downhill, until we reach the initial parking.
Just start walking, at 300m, detour to the right to go to the base of Roaring brook falls, a small waterfall that anyway we can see from the top without hardly deviating from the road.
The very smooth route on this part, especially at the beginning, is well signposted with marks on the trees, however there is a flat area, where due to the large amount of leaves accumulated by autumn dates, the road disappears completely. By gaining altitude, the limestone layer that is used in many road areas is emerging, with some concrete area quite steep and slippery according to humidity, especially in the last kilometer before the top.
The descent on the south face, with total change of landscape and vegetation, will bring us closer to the road, having gone through Giant Washbowl, a small lake where with a bit of luck we can see the beavers that they live there

Cima Giant Mountain

10-OCT-17 19:19:05

Cruce acceso a cima

10-OCT-17 18:47:27

Cruce arroyo

Latitude: 44.1512776539 Longitude : -73.7509741075

Desvío izda

10-OCT-17 16:58:50

Desvío izquierda

10-OCT-17 16:28:22

Giant Whasbowl

10-OCT-17 21:28:14


10-OCT-17 16:06:06



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