0.03 mi

Elevation gain

3 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

3 ft

Max elevation

2,916 ft



Min elevation

2,913 ft

Trail type





September 13, 2020


September 2020
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2,916 ft
2,913 ft
0.03 mi

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near Paluma, Queensland (Australia)

Georgees’ Waterfall track on Benham Creek, (70 m
long) opposite 14/16 Smith Crescent an unmarked but
clearly visible and well defined track drops down to
Benham Creek. you can hear the water falling into a pool
from the top of a 3 metre high rock face, a scramble over
some rocks takes you to the edge of this pool. David
Georgee, a long time former resident of Paluma, in his
book “Townsville, as it was” describes that when he was a
child his family would go for regular holiday trips to
Paluma and the children would have their daily bath
under this waterfall. the girls would go down at 4 p.m the
boys at 5 p,m, the girls were allowed to go first as the
water was warmer earlier in the day?? The creek in this
area shows lots of signs of tin mining, upstream from the
water fall you can see a water race in the creek bed,
where the water flow was concentrated through a narrow
channel, the force of the flowing water taking away lighter
soil and sand and leaving the heavier tin on the bottom to
be recovered by the miners. another water race can be
seen below the falls, this was dug to take the water from
the creek around the pool to then allow the miners access
to the dry pool to remove the tin ore that had
accumulated in the pool. A “grave” pit can be found in the
scrub near the track, so called as it is roughly the size of
a grave, 2 m long, 0.5 m wide and 1 m deep, these were
exploration pits dug in search of likely tin deposits, the
soil being taken to a water race to check it for tin content.


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