Time  4 hours 6 minutes

Coordinates 1865

Uploaded November 1, 2011

Recorded October 2011

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1,776 ft
1,246 ft
7.51 mi

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near Ágios Minás, Ipeiros (Greece)

Probably one of the best routes in Zagori. Starting from the bridge of Aristis (about 3km down after the village towards Papigko) and following the Voidomatis river. Most of the route is inside dense Zagorian forrest, just next to the river with many places to enter the water. The route is not sign-posted but the path is clear and vissible all the way until bridge of Kleidonias. The route is easy and flat, probably suitable for "walking" category. Amazing views to the canyon of Voidomatis!

Gefyra Kleidonias




Voidomatis river


Gefyra Aristis

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  • Kali57 Nov 8, 2015

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Très bel itinéraire, très facile à suivre. Ayant laissé notre véhicule au point de départ, nous avons fait l'aller-retour. Aucune difficulté sur le parcours, environ 4h de marche au total.

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