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near Gaucín, Andalucía (España)


We parked our car at the bottom of the village coming from Casares on the A – 377. There are at least 20 places here.

We climbed the steps along the Piscina Municipal to the A – 405, crossed that road and started to follow the signposted Pr – A 245 (GR 141) to El Colmenar.
From the very beginning this is an extremely beautiful track. The path gently goes up along the flanks of the Hacho de Gaucín (1000m.) giving you wonderful views of Gaucín and the Sierra Bermeja, Los Reales, and the Sierra Crestellina (Sierra de Casares).
When you reach the highest point of the walk at 800m. the view is even more spectacular extending towards the north east towards Cortes de la Frontera and the plains tot he east of Ronda.
From here on the path descends and remains well visible and pleasant to walk on almost all the time providing you with great views into the various valleys.
At a height of 625 metres you come upon a gravel road coming from the Ma – 9300 and you will follow this road for approximately 4,8 km. All the time slowly descending to 399 metres. The views remain beautiful on this track too. It is rather like walking on a balcony.
After 2.6 kilometres you will see a track tot he right, the Camino de la Claridfad which will also take you back tot he starting point.
We walked on, however, for another 2 kilometres, still enjoying the view and the utter peace and quiet of this extensive countryside.
At the lowest point, at 399, in a sharp bend of the track there is a beautiful placet o sit and rest on a stone wall with a small waterfall behind and a small stream under you, the Arroyo de Carboneras o Garganta de Las Palas. 780 metres further on you will see a signpost on a tree on the right and there a narrow, very beautiful track begins which looks like a small bobsleigh run. This track will eventually lead you to the A – 369.
Having reached that road we first went to the Mirador, 200 metres to the left, which apart from the view on Los Reales in front of you also has a great view on the Castillo del Águila and then continued our way to and through Gaucín, a village which might not be as renowned and dramatically situated as Casares and Ronda but which is really beautiful too, and a very good starting point for many excellent walks.

Parking spaces

At least 20 places

Signpost walks

Benarabba 10.6 El Colmenar 8.1km


Cortes de la Frontera - Sierra de Las Nieves - Castillo Montemayor - Sierra de Bermeja - Los Reales - Sierra Crestellina(Sierra de Casares)


The plains of Ronda

Gr - 141

Gran Senda Serrania de Ronda

Camino de Claridad Route II

Alternative track to Gaucín

Picknick place 399m.

Wonderful place on stone wall with behind you a small waterfall and under you a little stream

Camino de Gaucin

Route V de Gaucín a Cortes de la Frontera

Mirador de Gaucin


View Cortes

View from Gaucín

Mirador del Castillo

Castillo - Los Reales -Crestellina - Mediterranean - Gibraltar - Africa

Plaza del Santo Nino


Parque de la Alameda


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