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  • Photo of Garphyttan NP
  • Photo of Garphyttan NP
  • Photo of Garphyttan NP
  • Photo of Garphyttan NP
  • Photo of Garphyttan NP

Time  4 hours 44 minutes

Coordinates 17099

Uploaded April 11, 2018

Recorded April 2018

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10.31 mi

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near Svensboda, Örebro leatna (Ruoŧŧa)

We started at the park's main entrance and followed the western branch of the path to Svensbodaberget (tha path is marked as Bergstigen, with a blue mountain sign). I didn't find the view from Svensbodaberget spectacular (it's not the real mountain as the name suggests), but it's definitely a nice place for a picnic. However, we didn't stayed there for long as our plan was to reach Björktjärn, 5km north of the park.
From Svensbodaberget we mainly walked on the road to Suttarboda, and from there we first followed path to Ånnaboda, and finally turned on Bergslagsleden to Björktjärn. We could have followed the Bergslagsleden all the way from Suttarboda to Björktjärn, but we decided to diverse from it a little (the snow was more compact and easier to walk on, comapred to well-worn half-melted snow on Bergslagsleden).
Björktjärn, a beautiful rest-stop along Bergslagsleden, was a true highlight and was well worth walking with wet feet all day :-)
From there we followed the same way back until we reached the Garphyttan NP again, and then we visited two more viewpoints along the eastern branch of the Bergstigen path, before returning to the car.


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