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Recorded August 2017

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near Blatten, Canton du Valais (Switzerland)

Easy and nice hike from the Furi cable car station via Zmutt down to Zermatt station. I planned to do another other hike this day in August, but overnight 20-30 cm of snow had fallen in Schwarzsee, so I had to change my plans… Before this hike I did another roundtrip from Furi: see https://nl.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=20162722. The hike is mainly downhill and takes you across the Zmuttbach to Zmutt and then along and above the valley to Zermatt. I saw and heard a lot of nutcrackers during this walk. From Furi to Zmutt is on asphalt and gravel roads. The path from Zmutt to Zermatt maybe a bit slippery and steep in places (it was wet with melting snow on this day I did this hike), but otherwise easy. You can find restaurants in Furi, Zmutt and Zermatt.
The hike starts out at the entrance to the Schwarzsee gondola. You walk towards Zmutt largely on asphalt, first through the village and then through woods. Close to reservoir at Feriche you walk down to a bridge across the Zmuttbach gorge and then walk to Zmutt. In Zmutt you will find bars and restaurants. You continue along the broad track for almost 300 m and then turn left and directly right on a path taking you to Zermatt station. This path follows the valley, but keeps you well above the valley floor with good views. Close to Zermatt there is a good view of the Gornergrat railway bridge across the Findelbach. You get to another hamlet, Herbrigg. From here, there is a bit of descent and ascent above Zermatt, with a scattering of wooden houses and barns, until you finally descent steeply into town. You are then close to the station.

Bridge across Zmuttbach gorge

Here there is a bridge across the Zmuttbach gorge

Descent to Zermatt

From here the descent down to Zermatt starts


Hamlet just outside Zmutt

Hamlet Herbrigg

Hamlet above Zermatt

Path to Zermatt

Here the path to Zermatt starts, taking you along the valley, but high enough to have good views.

Road to Zmutt

You first follow the minor asphalt road to Zmutt



View towards Gornergrat railway

View towards Gornergrat railway, the bridge across the Findelbach

Wooden barns

Wooden barns


Central road in Zermatt


Small village, with several bars and restaurants


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