Time  one hour 40 minutes

Coordinates 581

Uploaded October 8, 2017

Recorded August 2017

6,598 f
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3.0 mi

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near Blatten, Canton du Valais (Switzerland)

Short and nice hike from the cable car station Furi. I planned to do another hike this day in August, but overnight 20-30 cm of snow had fallen in Schwarzsee, so I had to change my plans… This hike takes you on a suspension bridge across the Gornera gorge and into the Gletschergarten, where you will find a lot of glacial potholes and some other geological phenomena. It was wet with melting snow on the day I did this hike, so the boardwalks and stairs were slippery. Otherwise, the hike is relatively easy. I saw and heard a lot of nutcrackers during this walk. You can find restaurants in Furi.
The hike starts out at the entrance to the Schwarzsee gondola. You walk in the direction of Zmutt, but soon turn left towards Schwarzsee, and then left again towards the Hängebrücke (suspension bridge). You leave the village on a broad track, and then turn left again on a boardwalk that takes you to the suspension bridge. You cross the bridge and soon after come to a pick-nick area. You follow the signs to the entrance of the Gletschergarten (Glacier garden). You keep to the left past some potholes, and then keep left and walk down stairs to a pothole down a rock face. To the right boardwalks take you to a waterfall of a small stream. You return to the pothole down the rock face, continue down some stairs and walk to a pool below another small waterfall of the same stream. You return and then get to the main gravel road, go left and enter the garden again. Now you do not go down the stairs but follow the circular walk (keep to the right), and encounter a small cave and another series of potholes. When you exit the glacier garden you go back down, and soon turn right down to Furi on a forest road. This road takes you along the Gornera gorge down to an asphalt road, where you turn left to cross a bridge across the gorge. Soon after you arrive to the lower pedestrian entrance to the Furi cable car station, where a lift takes you up.
After this roundtrip, I walked down to Zermatt; see separate track https://nl.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=20164307
Alpine meadow with houses just before you get to Furi
Bridge across the Gornera gorge close to Furi
Cave in the glacier garden
Here the trail ended and you turn back.
Village after which the cable car station is named
Gletschergarten entrance
Here you can take a lift into the cable car station
Large collection of potholes close to where the glacier ended.
Pool below a waterfall created by the stream that you frequent upon a few times.
If you go down a path and some stairs there is another pothole near a rock face. The path splits, you can go up towards a boardwalk to a waterfall, or go down to other potholes, boardwalk and stairs taking you back to the gravel road outside the glacier garden
Suspension bridge across the Gornera gorge
Waterfall in Gletschergarten created by a stream that you will see a few times while in the glacier garden
Broad gravel forest track to Furi, along the Gornera valley
Boardwalk taking you to the suspension bridge
Boardwalk and stairs and potholes


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