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Uploaded June 16, 2016

Recorded June 2016

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9,052 f
4,542 f
41.28 mi

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near Mest’ia, Samegrelo and Zemo Svaneti (Georgia)

Alternative of the most popular Georgian trek, which is by mine opinion even better than standard hike via Zhabeshi. This one climbs onto Zuruldi massif, descends to Tsvirmi village and then follows a new road leading to Tetnuldi ski resort, where it merges with classic trail to Ushguli.

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  • Photo of Hatsvali lower station
  • Photo of Mentashi transmitter
  • Photo of Ushguli
  • Photo of Ushguli
  • Photo of Lower trail to Adishi
  • Photo of Upper trail to Adishi
  • Photo of Adishi
  • Photo of Adishi
  • Photo of Risky river crossing
  • Photo of Turn left at Heshkili

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    barth.sire Nov 6, 2017

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    First day can be challenging if you are not used to it, i would strongly recommand to hitch hike until you reach the cable car.
    There is also a 'short cut' through the wood when leaving mestia. The short cut trail is not maintained and can be very muddy.

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