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8.97 mi

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near Shalë, Vlorë (Albania)

This trail describes a variant to climb Maja e Qores from the Llogara hotel resort village taking a shortcut directly from Llogara pass. At about 1200 m the path joins the marked trail.
We have done this hike on a beautiful day at the beginning of April 2015. Above 1500 m some residual snow forced divertions from the trail. At 1860 m we stopped because of too much snow an didn't reach the top. Safety goes first. Anyway the great views over the Ionic sea, the Albanian Riviera coast, and the Karaburun peninsula are more than worth the effort.
To find the trail head at Llogara pass is a bit difficult. Directly at the pass, follow a broad track uphill leading to an old bunker field. When the trail turns left, don't proceed to the clearing on the left, but turn right and look for a small path leading upwards. Once you have found this path, the rest becomes easy.
Don't follow the path starting from Llogara resort. It leads elsewhere. Plenty more of information is available from the host at Alpin Llogara Hotel - at least if you speak a bit of Albanian.


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