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8.73 mi

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near Mountain Brook Estates, Virginia (United States)

The best views on the hike are near the summit. You can find an outcrop of rocks to the northeast of the round radio/radar structure. From there, you can see from McAfee all the way to Salem. Otherwise, the ridge walk and views of the drainage on the way up can provide nice foliage during the fall and of the valley in the winter. This hike has probably the steepest non-scrambling section I’ve encountered in all of Virginia. From the Angeline trailhead, the Elevator Trail has 3 pitches of maximum 45% incline. This is made more difficult by lose dirt or downed leaves. The trail clearly serves as a runoff for water during and after days of rain, possibly making this more difficult. It is not technical, however, as it is straightforward without any climbing or scrambling elements. The technical aspect of this hike is the navigation skills needed for when the trail is overgrown once you are on the ridge and hiking the Cornstalk trail. There are no markers, so GPS is recommended.

For my full trip report, see: https://travel2walk.com/2020/03/11/virginia-hikes-fort-lewis-mountain-tower-outlook-via-angeline-trailhead-march-8-2020/

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