Time  5 hours 25 minutes

Coordinates 1556

Uploaded April 25, 2017

Recorded April 2017

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2,103 f
-84 f
11.93 mi

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near Jellet Nord, Hordaland (Norge)

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Excellent 22km route linking two of the 7 mountains of Bergen, Mount Floy and Ulriken (the highest of the seven).
The route is not very physically demanding. The unevenness is barely 720m to the edge of the first 11km. In summer it must be a delight.

The route is marked one day in April when an untimely snow fell. The plain of Vidden, from where you have good panoramic views of the fjords around Bergen, was now covered by a strong blizzard that slowed the walk and nullified the views. Still, it's very enjoyable.

There are sections that are very swampy and under the snow is not perceived so I ended up putting my feet in the water several times. You have to take another pair of calectines to change at the end.

The route is very marked until you reach the radio tower (marked with a small flag). Later, the marks disappear in the rain. However, when we start climbing after the dam, there are some very different 1m high mojoneras that help keep the route under a heavy snowfall as it happened to me.

The road can end at the top of the Ulriken and down by cable car, or as I did, continue down the path. This path becomes a small street that leads to the Central Hospital of the city. A few meters below the buses that can be taken back to the center pass (or, walk another 4kms more).
Brushuytten (cabaña de Brus)
So far the road is wide and unmissable. At this point begins a descent to reach Vidden
They have just opened this path for a more direct access to the Ulriken summit.

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