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11.1 mi

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near Kårehogen, Västra Götaland (Ruoŧŧa)

The starting point can easily be reached by bus from Göteborg (www.vasttrafik.se). Bus stops at Morlanda Kyrka. A walk down hill to the ferry (free of charge). Ice cream available in the camping site and at Handelsman Flinck you might have lunch or buy some nice souvenirs in the old fashioned shop.

Continue to the outer regions of Råholmen were there are plenty of room for tents. Swimming is not terrific but the views and the tranquility is relaxing.

Next day continues with a ferry trip over to the mainland and ends at the bus stop at the main road back to Uddevalla.

Trail is marked at easy to follow. There might be vacant hotel rooms at Handelsman Flinck or at the Kärlingesunds hostel (only open on appointment).

At the Kärlingesunds pier there is also a ferry going from Uddevalla to Lysekil. Malö Strömmar is a well known challenging passage for any sailor or kayakist because of the currents.

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