10,765 ft
7,813 ft
9.81 mi

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near Big Pine, California (United States)

This is a very beautiful lake - and perhaps the most beautiful of the big pine lakes? There is a stream crossing about 1 1/2 miles away from the trailhead, and if the stream is flowing too strongly, then just turn around. Also, you will most likely find lots of mosquitoes along the trail.

Brainerd Lake, the lake which is about 400 ft below Finger Lake, had lots of small, hungry trout. Even a beginner fisherman, like me, could catch them. I just attached a Kastmaster lure to my fishing pole and cast away. The fish couldn't resist. The fish provided a nice lunch for me! Yum Yum! I would like to return in the fall, and explore more of this area. It's quiet, very rugged, and wonderful. I especially liked the views of the Middle Palisade Glacier.


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