26 3 0


40.82 mi

Elevation gain

2,441 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

3,031 ft

Max elevation

2,375 ft



Min elevation

879 ft

Trail type

One Way


6 hours 33 minutes




August 7, 2021


January 2010
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2,375 ft
879 ft
40.82 mi

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near Ferreira, Galicia (España)

This Route belongs to the lovely guys of the Ponte Ferreira Albergue.

Most people coming to Ferreira feel it is a pity to leave the camino Primitivo and join the camino Frances the next day in Melide, 20 kms after Ponte Ferreira. From there it is 52 kms to Santiago.

But, there are more options now! From our albergue it is possible to walk in one day (26 kms) to Sobrado dos Monxes on the camino del Norte. On this camino it is possible to join the camino Frances in Arzua (39 kms before Santiago), but it is also possible to hike the variant which joins the Francs only close to the airport, 14 kms before Santiago.
Especially the last alternative will be an atractive alternative to many people. If you are interested in this route, you can download the KML or the GPX file of it (to be used in a smartphone), or the PDF file with maps to print.

Their are no signs the first 20 kms from this route from our albergue, but then it joins the well signed camino del Norte, 6 kms before Sobrado do Monxes.

Sobrado is famous for its monastery which also has a place for pilgrims to sleep. Besides, there are also a few albergues for pilgrims.

From Sobrado dos Monxes it is 39 kms to the point near the airport where it joins the camino Frances. This part of the camino is well signed. In this stretch there are possibilies to sleep in Boimorto (after 12 km, with a public albergue and a private albergue) and in 'B&B Twin Pines', a B&B 21 kms from Sobrado which has special prices for pilgrims.

Km 00: Albergue Ponte Ferreira
Km 21: First bar
Km 26: Sobrado dos Monxes
Km 38: Boimorto
Km 47: B&B Twin Pines
Km 65: Joining the camino Frances, airport Santiago de Compostella
Km 78: Santiago de Compostella

From albergue Ponte Ferreira to Santiago, following the camino Primitivo and joining the camino Frances in Melide, it is 72kms.


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