• Photo of Featherville, Idaho: Gunsight Peak
  • Photo of Featherville, Idaho: Gunsight Peak
  • Photo of Featherville, Idaho: Gunsight Peak

Coordinates 2706

Uploaded September 28, 2016

Recorded September 2016

9,524 f
5,075 f
15.72 mi

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near Featherville, Idaho (United States)

A long hike, but fairly easy and very scenic. There is no trail but the most difficult section is the peak itself which requires easy boulder hopping.

The trail starts at the well developed Willow Creek trailhead. The trail is well maintained, even bikable for about two miles to the first creek crossing.

At the fourth creek crossing, after 4.5 miles, there is another trail to the left. Leave both trails and follow straight up the ridge between the two trails. It is a bushwack, but the terrain is quite open except for some bush and it is easy to keep on top of the ridge or a little to the right. Hit the small saddle at 7800 feet. From then on the going gets easier because the slope is lower. The very unusual Gunsight double summit is visible.

The summit is just a big pile of rock. The smaller summit on the right is a little higher. The route is 7 miles to this point.

Continuing to the North is possible, following a narrow ridge with little difficulty. This way offers nice views of the lakes to the North and of Gunsight summit. Then follow the buttress down on terrain similar to that of the way up.

It is important to pay attention at point 7712 and veer a little to the West (to the right going down) in order hit the proper ridge that leads to the trail.

To help with the creek crossings trekking poles are very useful, and perhaps wading shoes if the water is high.

A decent road leads all the way to the trailhead. There are camping spots near the trailhead and campgrounds along the road.


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