5.84 mi

Elevation gain

2,418 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

246 ft

Max elevation

13,048 ft


51 4

Min elevation

10,670 ft

Trail type

One Way
  • Photo of Fairy Meadows to Base Camp New Trek
  • Photo of Fairy Meadows to Base Camp New Trek
  • Photo of Fairy Meadows to Base Camp New Trek
  • Photo of Fairy Meadows to Base Camp New Trek
  • Photo of Fairy Meadows to Base Camp New Trek
  • Video of Fairy Meadows to Base Camp New Trek


21 hours 42 minutes




July 29, 2011


July 2011
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13,048 ft
10,670 ft
5.84 mi

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near Tato, Gilgit-Baltistan (Pakistan)

New trek after the floods of 2010. Time taken without backpacks is around 3-4 hours and with backpacks 5-6 hours.From Fairy meadows initially the trek moves through level terrain than a little bit of descent through forest of lofty trees but than gradually climbs to reach the Beyal camp.Beyal camp is a vast green pasture with water steams and log huts.From there after a walk of 30 minutes you reach view point which is beside the big rock.From there the trek climbs rapidly for next 30 minutes than descents down to cross the glacier.After crossing the glacier you gradually climb through the grassy meadows and see a small stone hut across which marks your arrival at the Base camp.Stone hut is located besides a rock which is traditionally designated as base camp.Outside the hut there are few monuments for those lost on the mountain.A small water well is located just below the hut which is the only source at the base camp.


  • Photo of Kamal Bukhari

    Kamal Bukhari Feb 12, 2015

    I have followed this trail  View more

    We were actually 5 friends and without guide. we were lost both our way going up and down. Although there are signs (heap of rocks) showing you next point to reach, still it was difficult to trace particularly at the last end near base camp. It can be dangerous if you are lost and weather gets bad. Be very careful. I will still go without guide/alone next time.

  • Omer Abdullah Jun 23, 2015

    Just been back from a trek to base camp nanga parbat. Was an extremely difficult one. Especially difficult was a semi circular path cut along the sides of a mountain on the way to base camp. One could only plant one foot on the path and also the ground was inclined downwards. Losing your footing meant certain death.

  • Omer Abdullah Jun 23, 2015

    Wrongly labelled Tato. Most of the pictures are Bayal camp and view point.

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