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near Ruma Bāzār (Bangladesh)

“Expedition Scaling Unknown Heights” was conducted under year ending hill side scaling project of BD Explorer. The primary aim of this expedition was to collect the heights and geo locations of the two most prominent peaks of “Lowmbok row” range in Ruma ,Bandarban and to elucidate the adjacent hilly area to the plain land people.

1.Thingdawl te Tlang (থিংদৌলতে ত্ল্যাং,বম) &
2.Kreikung Taung(ক্রেইকুং তং,মারমা)/Ngaramh Tlang(ন্যারা্ম্ ত্ল্যাং,বম).

And all the information’s about these two peaks and nearest villages were successfully collected & documented by BD Explorer during this expedition.

This expedition concludes that the peak of “Thingdawl te Tlang” is the highest point of “Lawmbok row” range and possible 7th highest peak of Bangladesh.
And the prominent peak of “Kreikung Taung/Ngaramh Tlang” is the 2nd highest point of Lowmbok row range & possible 10th of the country.

The name of these two peaks were collected by BD Explorer and confirmed by the local tribal people of Thingdawl Te village.

Expedition zone:
Union: Ruma & Remakri Prangsha.
Upozilla: Ruma.
District: Bandarban.
Trekked route:
Komla Bazaar(Below Boga lake chander gari stand) – Boga lake- Darjhiling para - Keokradong - Passing para – Sunsawng para – Pangkhiang va – Laisang va – Thingdawl Te va- Thingdawl Te para – summit “Thingdawl Te Tlang”(3,149 ft) - Thingdawl Te para – Summit "Ngaramh Tlang (ন্যারা্ম ত্ল্যাং ,বম)/Kreikung Taung(ক্রেইকুং তং,মারমা)"(3,083 ft) - Thingdawl Te para –Sunsawng para –passing para –Keokradong – Darjiling para –Boga lake –Komola Bazaar.

Expedition trek odometer: 60.39 km

Data collected by: Garmin Etrex 20 GPS.

Expedition trail difficulty: Moderate (for regular trekker).


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