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near Elba, Utah (United States)

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UNITED STATES - UTAH - Moab. Arches National Park. Devil's Garden Trail and Primitive Loop.

Circular route through the spectacular Arches National Park , which includes transit through the Devil's Garden Trail and the Primitive Loop , two of the park's main trails.

In some segments, next to the main route, and in others in a short deviation, the itinerary also passes through notable points of interest:

* Tunnel Arch
* Pine Tree Arch
* Private Arch
* Dark Angel
* Double O Arch
* Navajo Arch
* Partition Arch
* Landscape Arch

With its characteristic reddish color, the extensive rocky area of this beautiful National Park, with arches and other figures carved over millions of years by the erosion of water, ice, wind, extreme temperatures and the underground movement of salt , it constitutes a magnificent setting for a walking tour.

We start the itinerary in the parking lot of the Devil's Garden Trail, next to a camping place.

View of the snowy peaks of La Sal Mountains or La Sal Range, from the Devil's Garden Trail

The first section of this trail (2.6 km.), Is enabled for the transit of "all public", with a base of gravel compacted with earth and sand, which is comfortable to walk, but excessively artificial, with two shorts lateral deviations to closely contemplate the Tunnel Arch and the Pine Tree Arch.

But shortly before arriving at the Landscape Arch , the route abandons its appearance as an "amusement park", and taking a detour to the right, we enter the " Primitive Loop" , warning that it is a difficult path, which crosses, among others, a short section of smooth and steep rock, which can be very slippery when wet (and even when it is dry, because of the grit that accumulates in the wall).

The firm of this path, which leads us, among other pretty places, to the Private Arch , is completely natural, made of sand and rock, and is much more solitary than the initial section.

Certainly, the passage through the announced smooth rock and slope is a bit difficult, since there are hardly any natural handholds to grab, and it is clear that there is a risk of slipping and having an accident, so it is not understood how it is possible that a rope, chain, safety bar, or other similar mechanisms have not been installed in the place, so frequent in similar places of other mountain crossings, inside and outside of large natural parks.

Primitive Loop A little difficult step, through a smooth and pending rock

Except this step, the rest of the path follows a relatively easy path to follow (although the signaling is bad, based almost exclusively on tiny "cairns" or stone cairns, and on some branches and trunks traversed along the sides of the route, which makes the use of GPS very convenient).

After something more than 3.5 km. of route (4.5 km, if you take into account the detour to the Private Arch), the Primitive Loop takes us to the spectacular Double O Arch , and at the beginning of another short side detour that goes to the Dark Angel .

Double O Arch

From that point, the trail crosses another rocky section, with many short elevation changes, and exposure to heights, which will test the vertigo resistance of more than one walker, with two short lateral deviations to the Navajo Arch and Partition. Arch .

Partition Arch

Following the same path, we closed the itinerary "loop" passing through the Landscape Arch , this time closer, which allows us to really appreciate the uniqueness of this geological form, which with its 93.3 meters is the longest natural arch of North America, returning later to the point of departure by the same initial road.

Landscape Arch

A very interesting walk, with stops, photographs and others, perfectly occupies five hours of travel and four in movement, and that will leave us the impression of having known very thoroughly one of the most picturesque and internationally known places in the United States. .

Other places of interest, within this same National Park, such as the Delicate Arch, the Turret Arch, the Double Arch, Balanced Rock or the Broken Arch, are perfectly accessible by car, or are very close to a parking lot.

Admission to the Arches National Park costs $ 30 per vehicle, valid for multiple accesses during a week.
Devil's Garden Trail. Inicio
Tunnel Arch
Pine Tree Arch
Landscape Arch y cruce a Primitive Loop
Sendero de arena y roca
Formaciones rocosas
Sendero y vistas
Entre rocas. Tramo difícil
Roca en forma de horno de pan, y alrededores
Intersección con la desviación al Private Arch
Private Arch y vistas
Intersección con el desvío al Dark Angel
Vista panorámica hacia Salt Valley y Dark Angel
Dark Angel
Double O Arch
Vista desde el Double O Arch
Por la cresta de una de las aletas
Navajo Arch
Partition Arch
Landscape Arch. Es el arco más largo de Norteamérica. Tiene una longitud de 93,3 m.
Contrast with the snowed mountains. In the background La Sal Mountains or La Sal Range


  • Photo of Gonzalo Guerra

    Gonzalo Guerra Nov 3, 2018

    Awesome hike!
    Some parts are tricky and challenge your vertigo.

  • Tania Vazquez Rodriguez Dec 2, 2018

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Ruta fácil de seguir aunque con tramos complicados. Nosotros la hicimos en el mes de Octubre y el trayecto por el que pasa el río estaba seco, con lo cual se hizo un poco más fácil. El único tramo complicado era una roca que había que escalar y era bastante lisa.

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