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near Inveralligin, Scotland (United Kingdom)

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Departure from September 10, 2018. Easy excursion that goes through incredible coastal landscapes and then go inside to visit the Loch Diabaigas Arde and the Loch a'Mhullaich. There is only a slightly more complex part: when we descend to Diabaig we find a very slippery steep rock path located next to a ravine. Next to the lakes, as it was raining and the ground soaked, we traveled along the paved road. This does not detract from the exit or the landscape at all.

Start Time: 10/09/2018 10:28

End Time: 10/09/2018 16:10

Distance traveled: 13.6 km (05:42)

Time in movement: 04:21

Average speed: 2.39 km / h

Vel. in Mov .: 3.13 km / h

Max Speed: 5.92km / h

Minimum Height: 0 m

Maximum height: 248 m

Ascent Speed: 204.4 m / h

Descent Speed: -229.3 m / h

Altitude gain: 569 m

Altitude Loss: -555 m

Ascent Time: 02:47

Descent Time: 02:25

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