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near Sant Miquel d'Engolasters, Escaldes-Engordany (Andorra)

This route startes close to the village Escaldes. It goes alongside the river Madriu up to Refugio de Fontverd. On the way up we pass the ancient tiny villlage Ramio. The path is a little steep the first few kilometers.
On return we follow the same path down for a short distance until we take to the right before Ramio and walk a good path to our endpoint, the village Engolasters. This path cresses a few moraines on its way, but the stonepaths are very good. In between these parts the path is excellent.

Bridge over Riu Madriu


Cross by Madriu

This is near to where the paths upwords and downwards depart. We follow the bottum of the valley upwards, but the valley side in return.


The path passes such moraine areas, but they seem safe all of them. They are very old and are rests from the last Ice Age which made this valley.

Panorama Engolasters

The Capitol Andorra La Vella in the past.

Ramio Fields

We can see how the fields at Ramio are made partly flat by the use of terrassing.

Photo View

We can her easily see the U-form from the last Ice Age. Moraines are leftovers on both sides of the valley.


Ramio is an ancient little village. To day it is used for animals during the summer.

Refugi de Fontverd

This refugi has no food or beverage to sell. But the area is itself well suited for a stop to eat your packed lunches. The river Madriu is close to the flat fields and can easily be used for cooling your feet.


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