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  • Photo of Emei Shan - Wangnian Temple to Golden Summit in 1 day
  • Photo of Emei Shan - Wangnian Temple to Golden Summit in 1 day
  • Photo of Emei Shan - Wangnian Temple to Golden Summit in 1 day

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Uploaded September 17, 2016

Recorded September 2016

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near Guihuachang, Sichuan (China)

This is the relatively easiest 1-day hiking route to the top of Mt. Emei. It is barely 10 km, but should not be considered by all means easy.

I hiked the emeishan with my girlfriend. We both hike, run and cycle regularly (2 or 3 runs a week, 50-100km by bike a week, to provide a basis for comparison), and we didn't find this an easy hike.

The difficulty does not arise from the length or the complexity of the terrain. Cilmbing the Emei is difficult beause of its astonishing unvariability. The route is completely composed of staircases. This means that you will climb just short of 2000 meters using exclusively a couple of muscle groups, repeating the same gesture during 5 to 7 hours.

Prepare for a marked difference of temperature between the bottom and the top, expect about 15 C less at the summit at least.

The climb is a rewarding challange. The mountain is quiet, the temples truly spiritual, it is an ideal spot for people watching. The views are astonishing. The Emeishan has a very humid climate, classified as humid suptropical. Some uninformed tourists complain about the fog, which is quite silly. The fog is part of the landscape!

I've attached a map of the route. To get to the top you must:
(1) Reach Wannian Cable Car Station. A bus can be taken from the large bus hub on the main road leading to Baoguo temple. Note that as of 09/2016 this area is not mapped in Google Maps or OSM.
(2) use the cable car to climb the first 500 meters to Wannian temple (paying the park fee and the cable car fee)
(3) Walk 10 km of stairases until Jieyin Palace, where the cable car to the top departs. This will help you with the last 500 meters. This cable car closed at 18:00 in August 2016. You'll really hate yourself if you get there too late and you have to walk 3 km more of stairs to the top!

other recommendations: In our experience, the monkeys were only interested in big groups of tourists with food. They know well where tourists will go. You can buy bamboo sticks to scare monkeys away, and they make good walking sticks as well!


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