6.23 mi

Elevation gain

633 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

633 ft

Max elevation

583 ft


64 5

Min elevation

161 ft

Trail type



4 hours 2 minutes




September 10, 2018


July 2018
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583 ft
161 ft
6.23 mi

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near Elterwater, England (United Kingdom)

Beautiful hike with two waterfalls, a slate quarry, a lake, river meadows, and picturesque countryside. You can find something to eat and drink in Elterwater, in Little Langdale (about 100 m west along the road from Wilson Place), and Skelwith Bridge.
Hike starts from the National Trust paid parking in Elterwater. You cross the bridge and walk along the Great Langdale Beck slightly uphill. Before the quarry entrance you turn right on a path down to the river. You walk past slate heaps, and then start to climb between the slate heaps towards the quarry. There is still work going on in the quarry, but you can walk through it. Past the quarry you continue up a path through Sawrey’s Wood. When you exit the wood at the highest point you walk through pasture and then go down towards Wilson Place in Little Langdale. You cross the asphalt road to Wrynose Pass and go down to a bridge across river Brathay. You walk up to Stang End and walk along a paved road for a while and then go down through woods towards Colwith Force, the first waterfall. After having looked at it from two sides you continue back to the road and continue on a path through open countryside and farms towards Skelwith Bridge. You descend through woods to Brathay river close to Skelwith Bridge and then walk along the river to the bridge. On the other side you turn back and walk along the river to Skelwith Force, the second waterfall. You pass a bridge (which leads to the path you just came down the hill from at the other side), and then enter a park-like landscape around Brathay river. You walk along the meandering river until you get to Elter Water, a tranquil lake. A bit further you walk along Great Langdale Beck back to the parking lot in Elterwater.
A slightly different version of the hike is described in more detail on Attention: the length of the hike on the website is off by more than 2 km.
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Along Great Langdale Beck

You walk upstream along Great Langdale Beck to the starting point.

Brathay River

After your descent you arrive to Brathay River, and walk along the river east to get to Skelwith Bridge. Alternatively, you could walk a bit west to arrive to Woodburn Bridge.
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Brathay River meadows

A gravel path takes you through this picturesque scenery with a meandering river, Elten Water lake, and undulating meadows.
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Climb through Sawrey's Wood

You take quite a steep path through Sawrey's Wood from 110 m at the quarry to 170 m altitude.

Colwith Force

Waterfall. There are at least two viewpoints. The waterfall is a bit obscured by the vegetation.
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Descent to Wilson Place

From here, you descent through pasture to Wilson Place, part of Little Langdale

Elter Water

Lake fed by Brathay river and Great Langdale Beck.
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Elterwater Slate Quarry

The quarry is still active, but you can cross it.
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Great Langdale Beck below slate quarry

Nice place e.g. to have lunch near Langdale Beck below the slate quarry.
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Path to Skelwith Bridge

This path takes you through pasture and farms to get to Skelwith Bridge

River Brathay Bridge

Bridge across Brathay river.

Skelwith Force

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Stang End

Farm and minor road taking you along the valley.

Woodburn Bridge

Bridge across the Brathay river.


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